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About "Умная Кроха"

Montessori centre "Умная Кроха" ("Umnaya Kroha" - Smart Kid) was established in 2004 году in Zhukovsky. In 2006 a new branch was opened in Ramenskoye. Both towns are located 20 km South-East from Moscow city, Russia

Our centre offers a developmental activities for children, half day kindergarten, English and French language classes, preparatory classes, art classes.

Our objective is to promote the ideas of early child development and to create an enabling environment for intellectual and spiritual development of young children.

In our work we aim to ensure that time in our groups can be useful and interesting not only for children but also for their parents: in addition to children's developmental studies, we offer seminars and workshops for parents.

Photo - Montessory environment of Umnaya Kroha

Film about "Umnaya Kroha" and Montessori methodology

You must see our film about the kindergarten and Montessory methodology in the "Video" section (Russian language only).

The film was created in 2006 by and Natalia Volkova as a director. It consists of two parts. The first part covers Montessori methodology for . The second part is about groups for .

The film has become the first professional short, which describeds Montessori methodology as applied to children's groups in Russia.

Copies of this film have gone about Russia. Some Montessori kindergartens make use of our films as teaching aids.

Following the publication of two shorties on the total number of its views for two years has exceeded 110 thousand!

Provided developmental activities for children:

  • A group for moms and kids of 2-8 months old

  • A group for moms and kids from 8 m. to 2.5 y.o.

  • Toddler groups for kids of 2-3.5 y.o.

  • Mini kindergarten groups for kids of 3-7 y.o.

  • A group of developmental activities for kids of 2.5 - 3.5 y.o.

  • A group of developmental activities for kids of 3 - 4 y.o.

  • A group of developmental activities for kids of 4 - 5 y.o.

  • Language school for children (English, French)

  • Preparatory school classes
  • Children's art studio

  • A consulting psychologist, psychological training for kids and parents
  • Performances and birthday parties

Achievements and awards

Photo - book

We are proud of the fact that the photos taken at our Montessori kindergarten by Ludmila Fell, were used as illustrations in the remarkable book "Pedagogy of Maria Montessori", which was published by Elena Hiltunen. The book was printed by "Genesis" publishing house ((Russia) in .

In 2005 Montessori kindergarten "Umnaya Kroha" was accredited by the Association of Russian Montessori teachers.

Montessory methodology

Photo - Montessory methodology

Toddler group

Photo - Toddler groups


Photo - performance

Contact phone (Russia):

+7 (916) 682 32 35

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